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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 25, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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♪ ♪ make it after all tonight, "e.t." remembers mary tyler moore. >> not just a survivor. i am a forager. you have to learn to live for today, and be really happy for what you got. then, paris jackson hounded by paparazzi after her revealing new interview. >> hey -- >> how she's ramping up security tonight. plus, paris' aunt janet. her life as a mom at 50. we have the first photos since welcoming her baby boy. and our trip down memory lane with "this is us" star mandy moore. >> i have my whole life ahead of me. >> her pop career, "a walk to remember," and her famous first boyfriend. >> my first true relationship. now for january 25th, 2017,
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this is "entertainment tonight." >> the tv legend who could turn the world on with her smile has passed on. >> mary tyler moore felt like family. when it was a housewife in new york or a reporter in a dysfunctional minneapolis newsroom, mary broke ground and always stayed strong. the beloved icon passed away surrounded family and her doctor. her longtime representative remembered her as "a groundbreaking actress, producer, and passionate advocate for the juvenile diabetes association mary will be remembered as a fearless visionary who turned the world on with her smile." "e.t." confirms that moore, who long suffered from diabetes, died at greenwich hospital of cardiac arrest after she contracted pneumonia. her health had been declining in recent weeks. she had reportedly been on a respirator and reportedly had lost her eyesight.
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this is one of the last times seen in public, leaving lax with her husband in 2013. >> a great deal of mary tyler moore in them, especially the television character. laura petri. ♪ who can turn the world on with her smile ♪ >> mary tyler moore started two of the most acclaimed series in history. winning seven emmys. but early on, she didn't plan on being an actor. >> i started out wanting to be a dancer and under the exterior of this successful actress beats the heart of a failed dancer. ♪ >> that's mary dance nig ing in this 1956 commercial. first role in early 60s classic "the dick van dyke show." mary was ahead of her time. spiking controversy as one of the first housewives on tv to wear pants. >> how come you never dress like a girl? >> the network was concerned and they got to carl reiner and
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said, "just make sure she only wears those pants in one scene per show." >> "the mary tyler show" was next, and america loved it. mary richards was a role model for single working women. >> you've been asking a lot of very personal questions that don't have a thing to do with my qualifications for this job. >> you know what? you got spunk. [ laughter ] >> well -- >> i hate spunk! [ laughter ] >> "the mary tyler moore show" went off the air in 1977. >> it was like everybody's family. like a large family. >> the actress continued to work on tv and in the movies. she was nominated for an oscar for her role in "ordinary people." >> happy, you tell me the definition of happy, huh? first you better make sure that your kids are good and safe. >> off camera, mary faced many challenges. during the run of "the mary tyler moore show," she was diagnosed with a chronic health condition. >> i am a diabetic.
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i'm one of the lucky ones. i haven't had too many terrible side effects yet. but they await me. they await everyone with diabetes. >> mary tyler moore was married three times. she found happiness in her third marriage to dr. robert levine, 18 years her junior, they were together more than three decades. >> in my case, they really did say it wouldn't last. i'm older than robert is. he's jewish. i come from a catholic family. there were a lot of reasons for it not to work, but it did. >> mary avoided the spotlight in the final years. this was her last big public appearan appearance. she was honored at the s.a.g. awards in 2012. >> and tonight, after having the privilege of working in this business among the most creative and talented people imaginable, i, too, am happy. after all. >> certainly going to be missed. >> yes. >> mary was such a true friend to all of us here at "e.t." we interviewed her dozens of times over the years.
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we'll share more of our favorite moments with you coming up. >> she really was one of a kind. >> definitely. we move on to michael jackson's daughter, paris, on the run from the paparazzi. hours after she claims she was sexually assaulted, and her father was murdered. >> if you want answers, read what i wrote. >> paris, swarmed by the paparazzi at lax. at first it appeared she wasn't bothered by the attention while her bodyguard pushes the cameras away. >> i'm really sorry -- >> okay, back up. >> the encounter breaks out into an all-out chase. >> paris sprints away, leaving her bodyguard and 31-year-old man-bunned manager behind. minutes later she breaks down. >> guys, stop. >> please, stop. >> the scene is very similar to the swarm that surrounded paris when she was a child. masked whenever she was in
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public with her dad. while we counted 11 paparazzi on the scene at l.a.x., a source close to paris tells "e.t." she was very scared. this was a learning experience for everyone and security is being stepped up. >> back up. all of you. back up. you see the girl is -- >> minutes before the drama, the 18-year-old, co-heir to a billion dollar fortune, saying to check out her "rolling stone" article and in addition saying she believes michael was murdered, she was sexually assaulted, and what life was like growing up in neverland. >> you tell her what to say -- >> can i -- >> no, don't ask her. you tell her what to say. >> sometimes michael would interrupt studies and they played hooky. she was the shoulder mj cried on when he was charged with child molestation. they were on the same medication. why is she telling this now? she explains. >> she hopes by saying what she went through will open others.
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>> her aunt janet was in her life after her father's death. now we have janet jackson out and about for the first time since the birth of her son. wearing glasses, her hair piled casually atop her head, the 50-year-old new mom of three weeks stepped out to do shopping for her son. the baby wasn't with her when she visited london's high-end baby boutique, blue almond. she was wrapped in a fur cape along with black pants and hightop sneakers. the boutique was a temporary wooden doors popular with celebrities. kate middleton spotted there. a salesperson had no comment on what janet bought. the store's website featured items like this cashmere hooded coat for about $277 and these footy pajamas for about $55. janet has lead very private life since marrying 42-year-old
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billionaire businessman in 2012. in the past, the singer has told "e.t." about her hopes to become a mother. >> at one point i wanted to have kids, then i wanted a big family. then i didn't want any kids. >> six years later, when she was dating music producer jermaine dupri, she said she wanted to have a family with him. >> as far as having children, we both would love to have kids. someday, i know it will happen. exactly when, i don't know. >> there were no visible signs of bodyguards but janet did have a woman with her who carried her purchases out of the store. you may have seen reports today that madonna added to decide from her family. she is in malawi where she adopted before, but she is setting the record straight. madonna blasted the report from the ap telling "e.t." "the rumors of an adoption process are untrue." the 58-year-old is in malawi but
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tells us she is there to inspect progress on a new children's unit at hospital that her charity, raising malawi, is hoping to fund. it is expected to open early this year. this is a video of madonna visiting the facility last summer. padonna adopted two children from the african country. david in 2006 and mercy in 2009. both are 11 and returned several times to visit. >> i'm starting an organization called raising malawi. i did it for two reasons. one to raise awareness. >> they built classrooms and just last month held a benefit concert in miami. ♪ come together in every nation ♪ >> after more kids, well don't count madonna out completely. here is what she told us in 2009. >> i would like to adopt a whole orphanage. the sky is the limit. up next, a primetime frightening ski accident. rushed to the hospital with multiple broken bones, producers putting his show on hold.
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plus, david beckham and dad jokes. how he keeps his son in check on facebook. >> we have to control it. then our last interview with mary tyler moore, and favorite moments with the tv icon. >> i wanted to be a dancer, and i failed. >> closed captioning provided by --
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the ladies have been hard at work for about three months now. but now for show and tell, the last for riri. >> a big hug from executive producer sandra bullock after finishing up her -- ♪ ♪ work work work work work ♪ >> yes, work. rihanna -- an eyewitness says she stood in the rain for 30 minutes outside central park. including sarah and sandra paulson who play robbers. >> and action -- the movie out next year centers around a jewel heist during new york's biggest fashion event -- the metropolitan museum of art met gala. you can see this accomplice handing over what we are told is a big diamond. next, a primetime star injured. tim daly broke his right ankle
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and left knee skiing in sundance. today he tweeted that it happened "simultaneously, so how that for talent? i'm all good." >> totally fine. >> he's undergoing surgery today, and that could impact his cbs hit drama which stars his real-life girlfriend, tea leoni. a source says the injury may "require adjustments to be made to upcoming scripts, but he is expected to appear in every episode of the current third season." finally, brooklyn versus beckham. beck lynn beckham, model and 17-year-old son of david and victoria, following his instagram, he said, "you should be at school." followed by "that's my shirt." >> he has four million followers instagram. you know, we have to control it. >> parents are going to find out everything you do. >> kids do steal your clothes. they do. and still ahead, our mandy moore flashback. before "this is us," she had us
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crying 15 years ago in "a walk to remember." >> it's not bad to kiss a cute boy. and our final interview with mary tyler moore. reuniting with her classic tv star. >> it is wonderful but makes me sad, too. where all all these friends and buddies and coworkers and people who loved each other?
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it's hard for me to put into words how much i wanted to move to minneapolis. i wanted to walk through those doors and sit at mary's desk. and today i get to do it. >> that was oprah winfrey talking about the impact that mary tyler moore had on her career and her life. she is one of the many stars tweeting and remembering the tv icon today. we here at "e.t." are lucky enough to spend so much time with mary. our last visit was on the set of "hot in cleveland" during mini "mary tyler moore" reunion. here is mary in her own words.
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>> my mother and father were very funny people. witty, sharp people. i never dreamed i would be doing that as my life's work. i wanted to be a dancer, and i failed. >> mary was grateful to be back with her mary tyler moore show co-stars. they reunited for an episode of "hot in cleveland" in the 2013, and we asked how it felt to have the gang back together. asked how it felt to have the gang back together. >> it is wonderful. but it makes me sad, too. it makes me feel well why don't i have this in my current life. where are all these friends and buddies and coworkers and people who loved each other. vote near gall-- ♪ you're gonna make it after all ♪ >> mary had fond memories of the show that made her a household name. >> it was a joy to play. i'm one of those incredibly lucky people who had one good experience at another. i never had to fight and scratch
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and claw and do all those things they do in "cosmopolitan." >> we interviewed mary dozens of times over the year. ♪ looking back over time, here is the one thing we noticed, mary tyler moore always believed in looking forward, not back. >> you just have to learn to live for today and be really happy for what you got. we know no other way and not just a survivor. i am a flourisher. >> mary tyler moore was 80 years old. >> as i mentioned earlier, so many stars tweeting about mary. larry king. "mary tyler moore was a dear friend and a truly great person, a fighter." michael keaton said this, "mary was a gem. she was iconic, my boss, castmate, and a friend. i will miss her." well, 15 years ago today, mandy moore touched the hearts around the world. right now we are loving mandy on the super emotional tv drama "this is us." we are looking at mandy at very first time she made everybody cry. >> i told you not to fall in
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love with me. >> i remember so much, actually. a very like visceral experience for me. one of the greatest i've ever had. >> mandy at 32 and mandy at age 17 look about the same. she was still in high school when she played the modest minister's daughter who falls for bad boy, shane west. >> be sure to check out my new film, "a walk to remember." >> definitely "this is us" and "a walk to remember" on par. a life changing experience. >> the tearjerker was based on nicholas sparks' "a walk to remember." >> it sheds light on the typical high school experience. ♪ >> a pop star who had her first hit single at age 15, mandy got to sing in the movie. ♪ >> which led to this first kiss for the onscreen star-crossed couple. >> from the first day he showed up onset, you have to kiss this
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person you don't know very well and don't even have a friendship with yet. so that's always awkward in front of 200 people in the crew. but besides that, it's okay. it's not bad to kiss a cute boy i guess. >> mandy's boyfriend at the time understood that it was all just acting. >> i'm in a relationship right now but it is my first true relationship and still so young and so -- i don't know, i'm not used to the whole love thing. >> that first love was a prime time star. >> he's on "that '70s show." >> she was playing a girl dying from leukemia. >> you were sent to me because i'm sick. to help me through all this. >> now on "this is us." mandy has that touch for making us cry. early on the young star was very focused on her future. >> there is so much i want to accomplish and at 17 i have my whole life ahead of me. >> and something that may be ahead out of mandy now is new music.
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she recently revealed that she has been writing songs for the last seven years and she misses singing. so wait and see. apparently cbs has a hit on its hands with the new reality show "hunted." it launched after the afc championship game. nearly 12 million viewers. what in the world is "hunted"? like the ultimate game of hide and seek. it's not too late to join the chase. one down with 18 remain on the run from a manhunters. >> okay. that's your target, john. that's your target. >> heads up. we have another set of fugitives. >> former fbi investigator robert clark using real world techniques to locate and capture contestants within a 100,000-mile-square area. at stake, a quarter million dollars. >> all of the technologies available us to are the same available to modern day law enforcement. >> see you soon but not too soon. see new 28 days. >> just royally piss me off.
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>> the contestants agree to allow their home, computer and records to be searched, gaining access to atm machines, surveillance cameras. >> during the course of our investigation, we had to demonstrate probable cause and need for that information. if we did not demonstrate that and we did not have access to that information. >> tonight, we meet fugitives troy and shelly who have been married for 18 years. >> he is the strategic one. i'm the talker. >> you're the brains, too. >> you don't have to be the brains. >> i feel like everybody is following us already. >> i know. it is crazy. >> hey, we got something. we got a hit. your rental agreement. >> these are real investigations we conducted. i know it's a game. but when the green light went on and it was time go, my team went for real. >> nancy, how do you think we would do on the run? >> not well. >> all right. when we come back, how you can win a date with leo's super model girlfriend. >> does leo know about this?
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>> hold on now.
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watch the reboot. >> travel consideration provided by -- leo dicaprio's lady love is
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returning to the "s.i." swimsuit issue this year. there's here photo shoot. she will have a wee bit more at the festival next month. >> here is the best part of this whole thing. one lucky guy and a friend can win a chance to fly to houston and spend time with nia. go to "e.t." on-line for all of the details. >> it doesn't tell you how to handle leo, though. no, that's the problem. >> and kevin, by the way, you are not eligible, okay?
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"the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. ♪ >> fub one, hollywood mourns the loss of television icon mary tyler moore. >> i could tell you the truth,
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had a hard time separating myself. >> as we remember the legend's ground-breaking career. >> and then the oscar nomination aftermath. >> and finding dory did not get nomina nominated. >> how the stars are reacting to the snubs and the surprises. >> hoppnored. >> and the screen actors award. >> inside of the sag seating shuffle. >> plus your insider bonus. >> we're introducing our new little family member. >> katherine heigel's son makes his cover debut inside of her pregnancy ups and downs. >> plus a black-ish bombshell. >> we're both nuts. >> anthony anderson and tracee hell is ross wild night out and what made anthony leave. >> now, "insider," tracking hollywood from the inside out. >> saying good-bye to mary tyler moore, passing away


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